Gathering Renewals helps Growers reach a broader market without taking on the  burden of additional marketing and distribution concerns.  

 Our programs for Growers include:

  • Restaurant Services - We are partnering with several local restaurants to expand the reality of chef-driven growing.  Our network of growers have the opportunity to plant-to-order for the Season's menus, with greater certainty of demand meeting supply.
  • Production Support - Our focus is on maximizing yield, turns and income by employing practices that optimize growing potential while saving time and labor costs. 
  • Home Delivery  - We provide weekly delivery of produce boxes to local residents, tourists and businesses on a one-time and subscription basis.  Combining the Best from local farms and grow houses, Gathering Renewals' delivery service provides growers with another stream of revenue and more predictable cash flow. 
  • Future Plans: Sustainable Living Center - You provide the produce/We provide the rest!  We are working on plans to open a retail location to include a six day per week indoor market offering fresh, local produce, proteins and artisan produce.  Our Growers will have a retail location working for them as Gathering Renewals stocks, rotates and sells their wares, delivering weekly checks and accounting.

 Gathering Renewals is committed to fostering a growing culture of Community Sustained Agriculture in Sussex County and beyond.